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100 Mbps / 100 Mbps
$65 / Month

Even our lowest speed package is faster than anything else available. Stream Netflix, Amazon, and more with ease.

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250 Mbps / 250 Mbps
$115 / Month

Need more speed? We have you covered. At 250Mbps there's no reason to not watch all of Game of Thrones while playing Journey and skyping grandma. At the same time!

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500 Mbps / 500 Mbps
$250 / Month

Need more speed? We have you covered. With 500Mbps you can run your home or small business across the world without missing a beat!

Fiber Service Description

TSI&T SuperFiâ„¢ service is better than the competition. Here's why.

$299 Installation Fee

Get $50 off if you pre-register and sign up for service when we connect you.

Business Ready

TSI&T internet is high-availablity, high-speed, and high-value for your business.

$65 / Month

No hidden fees, no required bundling, no monthly modem rentals. We charge $65 a month for our 100/100 plan and that's it.


Treasure State Internet is a local company with local employees.

Automated Billing

Do more surfing and less bill paying. Our automated bill pay system makes it easy.

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