Wireless Internet Service

When we started TSI&T we used wireless fixed-based systems, and we have a bit more we can build out with that system, but it's limited to the west side of Helena. If you think your house might be able to get service, and you're between Last Chance Gulch to the east, Hiawatha Street to the west, and La Grand Canyon to the south and Anderson Blvd to the north, you might be able to get wireless. You might also have a tree or a building or a hill blocking you from our antennas, and that, my friends, is why we've moved to doing fiber. If you're inside that area, give us a ring and let us know we have permission to come check out your house for service, and we'll let you know asap if you can get internet this way. Customers on our WISP system are generally guaranteed 40Mbps down and 10Mbps up, with most customers experiencing speeds greater than that. Our WISP has uptime of 99.99998%, so it's still really good.

VoIP Phone Service

We are happy to provide VoIP phone service to our customers and have the phone server located in Helena at our central office, which keeps the latency and lag down to a happy minimum. This service is great for 99% of phone use, but we do not recommend it for faxing or alarm services.

We can use just about any phone for service, and deliver simple dial-tone to whatever system you have in place, or we can upgrade you completely to a newer system from some great manufacturers. We even offer desktop phones that are Android®-based so you can use modern things like your contact list to actually call from your desktop. We're happy to set up a time to meet with you about your needs and how to migrate to our system.

Fax service

Such analog, much wow. If you need faxing we suggest you go with a modern solution like HelloFax.com as having to deal with actual paper faxes is like being forcibly dragged back to the late 80s, and you can still smell the mimeograph ink. Seriously, faxing needs to end. Alarm services, while important, have traditionally relied on some of the more esoteric features of copper-line connections, and are also not suitable for VoIP systems. There are solutions that are cellular based, or you can get new internet based connections, and we're happy to help you. If your system is too old to be upgraded, you might have to keep one traditional phone line for it, but it's either that or when there's a fire you'd have much bigger problems. Alas.

Security Cameras

No one likes to think that they're going to need video footage of their office, but it happens and you might as well get the footage right and easy to use. We install systems that use modern cameras that use infra-red sensors to see in the dark, microphones to record audio (which is far more useful than you'd think!), and we can design, install, connect and configure the entire system. Our customers can remotely access live-video as well as recordings, and it's a simple step from viewing to downloading or emailing a recording, so you can get video to whomever needs it - your boss, the police, your insurance company, etc. - right now.


So you think you're old-school, eh? Well, there's nothing quite like the analog analogue of IP networking: telegraph! It's a service we offer, and heck, some of you are just too awesome for words because you have multiple sites and wanted a way to send a message that reminds people that they have it pretty good. In fact,

.. ..-. / -.-- --- ..- / -.-. .- -. / .-. . .- -.. / - .... .. ... / -.-- --- ..- / ... .... --- ..- .-.. -.. / .-.. . - / ..- ... / -.- -. --- .-- / -. . -..- - / - .. -- . / -.-- --- ..- / ... . . / ..- ... / .- - / - .... . / .-.. . .-- .. ... / .- -. -.. / -.-. .-.. .- .-. -.- / -... .-. . .-- . .-. -.-- / .- -. -.. / .-- . / -- .. --. .... - / -... ..- -.-- / -.-- --- ..- / .- / -... . . .-./

Telegraph service is strictly point-to-point over our network, and costs $150 for each telegraph and $10/month.

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